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I am Mahendra Verma resident of Dehradun city which is located in Uttarkhand state I am a singer and writer.

I am also a novelist and editor of navdha news paper. I have written a novel called Badla Desh Bhakt kaa.who is registered with swa.I am a registered writer from swa andheri west mumbai.

I am a registered writer from swa. My website https://www.storynews786.com/

I have uploaded stories, novels, social articles,
philosophical article upload etc.

And I also have a youtube music channel in which the best
songs have been sung in the voice of my
Mahendra Verma whose link is as follows
In the novel Badla Desh Bhakt Ka,
writer Mahendra Verma has exposed the truth.
In the novel Badla Desh Bhakt Ka,
a journalist Ajay who fights with the
corrupt system but in today's time
fighting the system is a big challenge.
Once, journalist Ajay, saving his life,
goes to a deserted forest.
Where a drop of his blood falls on
a grave and a true soul emerges from
it which enters Ajay's body.
Now Ajay takes the form of Kaal for the world of crime.


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