philosophy of time


writer: mahendra verma

Time is a natural power whose existence can be felt in our daily lives. Our whole life is based on the foundation of time. We are like those puppets whose strings are tied on the hands of a conjurer that is why time is a wonderful magician who can any time any how cast us in any form it looks this is the reason why no one can break free from the boundation of time no matter how much one tries.

In our life we go through three stages that is childhood, youth and old age. Once we reach our youth we cannot go back to our childhood and once we have crossed our youth and reached the stage of old age we can never go back to our youth that is why learned people say that time never comes back again. Time is a power, which is merged in each and every particle of the universe. Nothing in this world, which is not untouched by time.

Whichever part of the universe we may go but we have to cross the three stages of life i.e. childhood, youth and old age who comes in our life according to time and our last stage is death which every living being has to phase one or the other day that means death is last truth of our life. Time is invisible but is a true power. Whether the universe exists in future or not but time will always remain.

Long time ago when water level raised and everything washed away and only Noah's are survived by god’s grace. All the palaces turned into ruins and everything was destroyed but time stood silent who in form of history now tells us the story of mankind's past. It tells us the story that in those days what was the way of living life and what all find of spiritual philosophers existed who wrote holy books through their vision so that we can read and understand religion and knowledge. Time is the greatest metaphysician of all. It tells about happiness and sadness. It also tells us about and hope and despair. Hope is like a ray of light, which leads us towards enlightenment whereas despair is a kind of frustration, which takes our life towards darkness of hell. Hope and despair are both dependent upon time, e.g. if time is good then it makes us feel happy and if time is bad then sadness tortures us. That means happiness and sadness are two phases of time the one who has understood this fact can enjoy the feeling of being happy.

Time creates a new society through changes. Change is a rule of time. To keep the foundation of change intact, time creates new life forms this disables nature to keep a balance in itself the rule to time is hard and fast. The objects which do not change according to time get destroyed. Whenever, time transforms itself into change and turns its side then change takes place in the society. Change depends upon the rate of time. It so happened in past that man used to walk on the path of truth and good always used to win. But at present times man mostly follows false path the path of lies and satisfies his own needs. For example in India politicians in the name of religion create riots and many innocent people are killed in these riots. These civil riots are just created between groups just to get the seat. But these nasty politicians forget that one day time would one day demolish. The reason of these civil riots through change. This is how time becomes fire and first of all testifies truth. It will burn truth in its flame and then the purest form of truth will emerge. Now going to the most living example of truth who is Jesus Christ who is totally an incarnation of truth. Who for the welfare of human race and mankind took birth on the earth and opposed all forms of sin.

Time was watching everything it wanted to burn truth in its scorching flames and testify truth. Time burned truth and as a result truth also burnt out in flames of time.

The contradictory part of truth put up Jesus on a cross. But those men did not knew that truth is immortal it will never die. They were uselessly trying to do so. Truth again got and it enlightened all the four directions. That means time testified truth and from grave up turned it into pure gold. Just like a Goldsmith melts gold and extracts the purest form of gold. We can conclude from this that in this world two type of people are born. One is Gold and the other is Coal. The person who is gold that is the person who follows the path of truth, he burns in the flame of time goes through new experiences and with clean thoughts becomes the purest form of gold that is truth. The person who is coal that is the person who follows the path of untruth he burns in the intense fire of self interest and turns into ash.

We can get an inference of the above that time takes the form of fire and testifies the personality of man. A whole life is based on our deeds time gives us the result of our good or bad deeds. Learned people say that when the pot of sinners is filled upto brim with sin then when time comes he surely gets punishment for his deeds. The pot of sin fills from time to on the time is over the pot bursts then time becomes the judge and justifies. ad and it also makes us feel about its importance. The wheel of time is an ever turning wheel which never stops; past, present and future are its different phases. Time makes us gain experience. We learn a lot through our past experiences and accordingly live our lives. The boundation of time is such that it keeps our life's trend in routine. Time keeps the regulation of our world which regulates the time table of our whole life.

Time is shapeless but still it makes us feel about its experience. We go through four phases of a day i.e. morning, afternoon, evening and night then in its all four phases we visualize the form of our life in which there is an image of time.

We feel its presence and power. We do not possess the power to breakthrough its four phases, if we are successful in doing this through meditation then we will visualize a new form of life.


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